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General Terms & Conditions

1. Field of application

The general terms and conditions of NetContact apply to all contracts and agreements signed between NetContact and the ordering party (“the client”) for the design, conduct, execution, realization and implementation of services and products, such as studies, concepts, analyses, expert opinions, and any other services and products, unless no other terms and conditions have been agreed upon in writing or unless otherwise regulated by law.

2. Realization of services

(1) Subject of the services of NetContact is the outcome agreed upon between NetContact and the client rather than a general success.

(2) The client ensures that NetContact receives all documents, records, manuals and information relevant to the contract and is being informed about all events which affect the subject of the contract due time.

3. Payment arrangements

(1) (Definition of project initiation – e.g. down payment of at least 30% of total project costs).

(2) Further prices and payment conditions

4. Validity period of the offer



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